I found this article very informative since I am on blood thinners for my pulmonary emboli and do get nose bleeds.
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I don’t know if you ever watch the TV show Frasier but one of the main characters, Frasier’s brother, was said to have a nosebleed every time he tells a lie. You see him reaching for his nose when he makes up excuses. It is like a modern version of Pinocchio. It gave me the idea to look into it and gather some common sense advice. First, let’s review a few basics.

Definition: the medical term for a nosebleed is epistaxis. It is generally not a severe condition but it can cause a problem when it happens often, especially in young kids and it can also frighten them. It is caused by the rupture of the capillaries of the nasal mucous membrane when those small vessels become dilated, which is the case in hay fever. The nasal mucous membrane is highly vascularized and that is what makes it…

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  1. Sorry to learn about your health. Hope your health condition improves with time. Wish you a great day too Donna!

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