Many people take marijuana for the calming and healing effects it has for pain. People do get medical marijuana or carry a certain form of license to smoke it. But there are so many more that do not bother to go that root and just smoke it to feel better. Do you really know where you are getting your stash from? How about the people who cannot afford to get it by prescription so you go and get this synthetic type? Are you really doing yourself justice? Read this article then please think again.

CYPRESS, Texas (CNN) — Hospital staff removed Emily Bauer’s breathing tube and stopped all medication and nourishment at 1:15 p.m. December 16.

Only morphine flowed into her body, as the family waited by her side in her final moments.

But the next morning, she was still alive.

“Good morning, I love you,” her mother told Emily as she approached the bed.

A hoarse voice whispered back, “I love you too.”

Emily was back.

Her family said the drug that landed the Cypress, Texas, teenager, then 16, in the ICU two weeks earlier wasn’t bought from a dealer or offered to her at a party. It was a form of synthetic weed packaged as “potpourri” that she and friends bought at a gas station.

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At first, her stepfather, Tommy Bryant, said he was “fixing to whip somebody’s ass,” as he thought someone older than 18 bought it for…

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