When you watch these medical shows on TV where people are coming into the emergency room of the hospital with one complaint and something totally different and bizarre turns out to be the case; you think that it never really happens or how could they not know.   Well I was witness to one such case that happened yesterday.

I was in the observation area of the hospital when a 19-year-old girl was brought in with her father.  She was screaming complaining of stomach pain.  Apparently this had been going on since midnight and it was  7am.  I wasn’t able to get a good look at her. She was lying on her side.  However, in the observation area beds are only separated by curtains so sound proofing is non-existent.  I am sure they heard her screaming in the  emergency waiting room out front.

The nurses have just changed shifts and this was the first patient for this nurse, not only for the day but alone without supervision.  I am sure she was shaking in her shoes but she was calm on the outside.  She looked at the patient and asked “how far along are you?”. The girl goes “What do you mean?”

The nurse could tell by the type of pain that they were contractions.  The girl didn’t know that she was pregnant.  (or refused to let on because her father was there) The nurse called up to have a nurse from delivery come down with a heart monitor.  Sure enough the whole department could hear the heartbeat of the baby.  By that time the father was told “she’s pregnant”.

She was wheeled upstairs to deliver a 7lb 7oz baby girl.  Surprise!!!

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