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Canadian scientists lead by Professor John Bell from the University of Ottawa modified vaccinia virus which was more famous for making the smallpox vaccine

“We are very excited because this is the first time in medical history that a viral therapy has been shown to consistently and selectively replicate in cancer tissue after intravenous infusion in humans.

“Intravenous delivery is crucial for cancer treatment because it allows us to target tumors throughout the body as opposed to just those that we can directly inject.”



Infection prevented further tumor growth in six patients for a time. However, the virus did not cure cancer. Patients were given only one dose of the virus as the trial was designed to test the safety of the virus.

It is thought that the virus could be used to deliver treatments directly to cancerous cells in high concentrations.

Prof Bell acknowledges that the research is still in the very early stages.

“I believe that some day, viruses and other biological therapies could truly transform our approach for treating cancer.”

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