In your lifetime you will come across those who do give a damn. There are doctors out there who will take the time to discuss your problems with you. They will ask you how your family is, and even remember your children’s names. I am lucky to have 2 such doctors. Many don’t.

Many doctors refuse to care any more. Does this make them a bad person? I thought they should not be in this profession if they didn’t care about their patients. Then I read this article today that shed a new light on the situation. The government, yet again, is putting dollars first instead of people’s lives.

PLEASE read the article. We must take care of our own health. Now doctors who help the underprivileged are being threatened with lawsuits and possible loss of medical license !

If they can’t have a voice does anyone have a chance?????????

Should Physicians be Activists? Should Physicians be Activists? by Susan Rosenthal / September 22nd, 2010 Dr. Roland Wong is under threat of losing his license to practice medicine. He didn’t harm anyone. He helped people on social assistance get extra money for food. The average Ontario welfare recipient gets $500 per month. The special dietary allowance program provided extra benefits of up to $250 per month to enable those with medical conditions to purchase more healthful f … Read More

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